All About The Bass: Easy Guide for Surround Sound System at Home

All About The Bass: Easy Guide for Surround Sound System at Home


There was a time when people can only experience a motion picture inside the movie theaters. But technology allowed us to recreate those moments in the comfort of our own homes. Film has come a long way and has been digitized in many forms. From open reels to high-definition, it has definitely caught the eye of the masses and continually satisfies the visual palette.

But film won’t be experienced at best without catering to the auditory senses. The sense of sound puts the final touches on the ultimate movie experience. It carries one through the journey of each character. Strong trombones play when the protagonist is triumphant and you’d get the occasional dark choral music when the antihero prevails with his beyond evil master plan. And both definitely sends your consciousness to overdrive.

It is easy to set up your very own theater at home and it is done by strategically placing the speakers to the corners of your audio-visual space.




Use the television as your main focal point and place the speakers in the surrounding area. Provide an auditory balance by placing two extra speakers on the left and right-hand corners of your seating area. This set-up also ensures organization, more spacing and full movement.